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The Dinamic company was founded in 1991 having the main activity in plastics processing. Since then, the company has grown continuously in all respects: the number of machines and equipment, the volume and the mass of the molded parts, personnel and the diversity of technologies. The continuous training of good specialists, combined with a steady program of investment in equipment and technologies of last generation, heavily influenced the current guideline to produce parts of a very high degree of technicality (electrical networks, advertising, or automotive items) targeted onthe leading companies in these fields.


The high requirements and high level of complexity, specific to parts oriented on the industrial segment and the need for better coordination of production schedule necessitated the development of two parallel activities, complementary to the processing of plastics but very important: manufacture of molds and engineering in the field of plastics. We have implemented the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Environmental management system ISO 14001. Both systems are certified by RENAR.

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email: office@dinamic.ro
el: +40238710506